Dam-Funk - DJ-Kicks
A1Gaussian Curve - Broken Clouds
A2Index - Starlight
A3Gemini - Log In
B1Randell & Schippers - Love Jam
B2Moon B - Oof
B3Tony Palkovic - True To Yourself
C1Nexus - Stand Up (Instrumental)
C2Nicci Gable - Close To Who?
C3Take Three - Tonite's The Night (All Right)
D1Brandon - Suzy Hijack
D2Henning - Arrival/departure
D3Dam Funk - Believer
E1Moon Moon B - Oof (CD)
E2Nicci Gable - Close To Who?
E3Randell & Schippers - Love Jam
E4Verticle Lines - Theme From Beach Boy
E5Brandon - Suzy Hijack
E6Take Three - Tonite’s The Night (All Right)
E7Index - Starlight
E8Uncle Jams Army - Dial-A-freak
E9Gemini - Log In
E10Nexus - Stand Up (Instrumental)
E11Reggie B - Poison Candy
E12L33 - Keepin It Tight
E13Gaussian Curve - Broken Clouds
E14Tony Palkovic - True To Yourself
E15Henning - Arrival/departure
E16Nite-Funk - Can U Read Me?
E17Dam Funk - Believer
E18True Design - I Wanna Break
E19Crystal Winds - Funk Ain´t Easy


!K7 | Item No: 476333
Vinyl 2LP+CD | 2016 / EU – Original | New
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DaM-FunK is the kind of guy who seems like he’d make great company: laid-back, affable, personable. But to truly get the guy, to really understand him, is to know a deep love of music like no other. Dam’s contribution to the DJ-Kicks series gives you an opportunity to do just that. It’s a snapshot view into the mind of the pioneer of Modern-Funk music… DJ-Kicks invites you to get to know the man behind the shades.

Dam makes a lifetime of digging and absorbing music that feels as laid-back as the Santa Ana breeze. Years ago, he coined the term ‘Modern Funk’ to give context to his music. The elements of the synth-heavy and multi-layered style are gloriously displayed on DJ-Kicks. “Modern-Funk is a combination of all the sounds on the mix,” he explains. “Funk, Boogie, Electro, House, Modern-Soul, Ambient tones… a push and pull of nostalgia and progressiveness…”

At a satisfying 19 songs, DâM-FunK’s DJ-Kicks lets grooves breathe. This is a mix to happily get lost within; a document in vibe. Unexpected contemporary joints mingle with lost gems from unlikely places. The exclusive DâM-FunK production “Believer” makes its debut on DJ-Kicks, an extensive instrumental composition that on it’s own could only be classified as signature Modern-Funk. The mix also includes Dam’s excellent collaboration with Nite Jewel, as ‘Nite-Funk,’ on “Can U Read Me?”
Item Details
Item No:476333
Format:Vinyl 2LP+CD, Vinyl, LP
Pressing:EU – Original
Release Date:2016
Genre:Organic Grooves
Style:Funk / Soul, Disco / Boogie
Available since:25.05.2016
Price:25,99 €
Weight:500g (plus 250g Packaging)
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