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Roland - DJ-99


Item No: 498678
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Item Description
2ch DJ Mixer of 909 Celebration Special Paint

Pro-grade mini innoFADER™ crossfader.
Dedicated DVS output.
3-band equalizer for each input.

-Nominal Input Level (OUTPUT MASTER 0 dBu): CH1, CH2 CD (L, R): -13 dBu
CH1, CH2 LN (L, R): -17 dBu
CH1, CH2 PH (L, R): -61 dBu
CH1, CH2 DVS RETURN (L, R): -13 dBu
MIC IN: -40 dBu

-Maximum Input Level: CH1, CH2 CD (L, R): 6 Vrms
CH1, CH2 LN (L, R): 6 Vrms
CH1, CH2 PH (L, R): 0.04 Vrms
CH1, CH2 DVS RETURN (L, R): 6 Vrms
MIC IN: 0.6 Vrms

-Maximum Output Level (1 kHz, typ.): OUTPUT MASTER (L, R): +15 dBu
OUTPUT BOOTH (L, R): +15 dBu

-Recommended Load Impedance: PHONES: 32 ohms

-Frequency Response: CH1, CH2 CD, LN, DVS RETURN: 20 Hz–20 kHz (+1/-2 dB)
MIC IN: 20 Hz–20 kHz (+1/-3 dB)

-Noise Level: CH1, CH2 LN (L, R)–>OUTPUT MASTER: 0.6 mVrms or less
CH1, CH2 PH (L, R)–>OUTPUT MASTER: 6 mVrms or less
* TRIM level: center, 1 k ohms terminated, MASTER level: max, IHF-A, typ.

-Distortion: CH1, CH2 CD (L, R): 0.2 % or less
CH1, CH2 LN (L, R): 0.2 % or less

-Channel EQ (typ.): HI: 10 kHz +12 dB– -12 dB
MID: 980 Hz +12 dB– -28 dB
LOW: 100 Hz +12 dB– -28 dB

-Controller: CH1, CH2 Input selectors
CH1, CH2 MIC level knobs
CH1, CH2 TRIM level knobs
CH1, CH2 Channel EQ knobs HI
CH1, CH2 Channel EQ knobs MID
CH1, CH2 Channel EQ knobs LOW
CH1, CH2 Channel Fader curve adjustment knobs
CH1, CH2 Channel Fader reverse switches
CH1, CH2 CUE buttons
CH1, CH2 Channel Faders
CH1, CH2 LN/PH selectors
PFL/MASTER selector
PHONES level knob
MASTER level knob
BOOTH level knob
Crossfader curve adjustment knob
Crossfader reverse switch
Headphones Monitoring selecto

-Indicator: POWER indicator
PFL/MASTER level meter
CH1, CH2 Channel Fader reverse indicators
CH1, CH2 CUE indicators
Crossfader reverse indicator

-Connectors: MIC input jack: 1/4-inch phone type
PHONES output jacks: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type, Stereo miniature phone type
CH1, CH2 CD input jacks (L, R): RCA phono type
CH1, CH2 LN/PH input jacks (L, R): RCA phono type
CH1, CH2 DVS SEND jacks (L, R): RCA phono type
CH1, CH2 DVS RETURN jacks (L, R): RCA phono type
CH1, CH2 GND terminals
MASTER output jacks (L, R): 1/4-inch phone type
BOOTH output jacks (L, R): RCA phono type
POWER switch POWER connector Fuse holder

-Power Consumption: 22 W

-Fuse Rating: T315mAL250V (5 ? x 20 mm)

-ACCESSORIES: Owner's manual
Power cord
Extra fader knob: 3 pcs

-Width: 224 mm
-Depth: 306 mm
-Height: 104mm
-Weight: 3.3kg
Item Details
Item No:498678
Color:White / Orange
Available since:14.11.2016
Format:1 Piece, Mixers, 2 Channel Mixing Desk
Price:249,00 €
Weight:We do not have any information about the weight of this item. Therefore, we assume a weight above 1kg for any shipment.
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