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Moabit Musik | Item No: 856437
Vinyl 2LP | 2021 / EU – Original | New
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Item Description
M_Sessions is offering a contemporary version of Mania D., Malaria and Matador’s music for the 40th anniversary plus the rare originals. Bringing the past into the now and into the future. Monika Werkstatt seemed the perfect choice for new interpretations. Founded in 2015, comprising female electronic musicians and producers from the entourage of Monika Enterprise and Moabit Musik. The loose collective played dozens of improvised concerts around Europe and released a studio album and live recordings in everchanging artist constellations. The M_Sessions involved Pilocka Krach, Beate Bartel, Midori Hirano, Mommo G, Lucrecia Dalt, Antye Greie-Ripatti, Natalie Beridze, Annika Henderson and myself. Here the form of interpretation is focussing on keeping the freedom of their improvised work and adapting it to the collective appropriation of songs. I cannot imagine a better reinterpretation of the material with its real life ups and downs and with its enthusiasm. The original core team of Beate Bartel, Bettina Köster, Manon P. Duursma and myself selected "Rare Originals" from the repertoire of the 3 bands where we saw special relevance and beauty - these tracks are on LP2. We rediscovered live tracks, living room recordings and demo versions from our times long gone. (G.Gut)

M_dokumente // THE Book - THE Records - THE Exhibition

The project M_Dokumente focuses on the All Female bands Mania D., Malaria! and Matador in the West Berlin music and art scene of the late 1970s and 1980s. We celebrate this 40 years retrospetive with a big festival weekend from 21.-24.10.2021 at Silent Green from a explicitly female perspective. The three bands around their members Beate Bartel, Bettina Köster and Gudrun Gut played concerts in different formations from 1979 on, released records and toured around the world. The self-determined appearance of the musicians was new, raised some eyebrows and was reflected both in the music and the lyrics, but also in their unique style and the genre-crossing approach of "more art in the music, more music in the art". To this day, the bands are considered visionary, they shaped a new image of women in pop culture and are pioneers and role models for the still important and necessary emancipatory movement in the music industry. Far beyond the borders of Berlin.


The three, reunited: Malaria, Matador and Mania D, unter einem Dach, but gutted, replaced with electronic hearts, new beats, new beasts, the time has changed, yet the politics, the problems, the heartache remains the same. 2021 sees the anniversary of the 3 M’s and therewith the production of an album of songs, covering a selection of the bands’ finest output, this time assembled by a new set of feminist misfits; producers, fangirls, instrumentalists, under the strict guidance of original members Gudrun Gut and Beate Bartel. M-Sessions features: AGF, Lucrecia Dalt, Sonae, Midori Hirano, Islaja, Natalie Beridze, Pilocka Krach, Annika Henderson (Anika), Lupe, Gudrun Gut and Beate Bartel. Beginning in West Berlin, in 1979, with the inception of Mania D, spawning Malaria! and later Matador; in a time when music was essential to movement, to escape, to space, to the scene and to the rebellion of the people; three bands stood for trial and error, trial and terror, anti- conformity, and anti-consumerism, for girl power and sticking it to the man, and for just doing whatever the hell they wanted. The three, their existence slightly staggered, with different members, different grudges, different heartbreaks, different instrumental expressions, were joined by a string of barbed wire, piecing pigeon hearts, within the playground that was the desolate ex-capital, now again capital, Berlin; a place where artists and freaks could run free amongst the wrinklies and army dodgers; no microscopes, no rules, no property developers. (annika Henderson)
Item Details
Item No: 856437
Artist: V.A.
Title: M_sessions
Label: Moabit Musik
Catalog No: moa23/m98-LP
Format: Vinyl 2LP, Vinyl, LP
Pressing: EU – Original
Release Date: 2021
Genre: Pop
Style: 2020s
Available since: 2021-10-13
Condition: New
Price: 48,99 €
Weight: 500g (plus 250g Packaging)
A1 Monika Werkstatt - I Will Be Your Only One (Lp1: Monika Werkstatt Plays Mania D, Malaria!, Matador)
A2 Monika Werkstatt - Paradise
A3 Monika Werkstatt - Radiator
A4 Monika Werkstatt - Komm Darling Lass Uns Tanzen Gehn
A5 Monika Werkstatt - You Say
A6 Monika Werkstatt - Schreiender Tag
B1 Monika Werkstatt - Geld
B2 Monika Werkstatt - Mother
B3 Monika Werkstatt - White Sky Shite Sea
B4 Monika Werkstatt - Herzschlag
B5 Monika Werkstatt - Zukunft
B6 Monika Werkstatt - Nite Time
C1 Mania D - Zukunft (Lp2: Rare Originals)
C2 Mania D - Radiator (Cute Version)
C3 Malaria! - I Will Be Your Only One
C4 Matador - Nite Time
C5 Mania D - Herzschlag
C6 Matador - Paradise (Demo Version)
C7 Malaria! - White Sky Shite Sea (Edit)
D1 Mania D - Zukunft (Live)
D2 Mania D - Komm Darling Lass Uns Tanzen Gehn (Live)
D3 Malaria! - Madels Sind Toll (Live)
D4 Malaria! - You You (Live)
D5 Matador - Schreiender Tag
D6 Matador - Mother (Demo Version)
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