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Amaro Freitas - Rasif
Amaro Freitas
LP|19,99 €
Currently not available
Amaro Freitas - Rasif LP
Autechre - NTS Sessions
NTS Sessions
12LP|164,99 €
Sold out
Autechre - NTS Sessions 12LP
Bebe Fang - Bebe Fang
Bebe Fang
Bebe Fang
LP|23,99 €
Sold out
Bebe Fang - Bebe Fang LP
Ben Bertrand - NGC 1999
Ben Bertrand
NGC 1999
LP|18,99 €
Currently not available
Ben Bertrand - NGC 1999 LP
Cardi B - Invasion of Privacy
Cardi B
Invasion of Privacy
2LP|38,99 €
Currently not available
Cardi B - Invasion of Privacy 2LP
Celine Gillain - Bad Woman
Celine Gillain
Bad Woman
LP|17,99 €
Celine Gillain - Bad Woman LP
Chevel - Always Yours
Always Yours
LP|18,99 €
Sold out
Chevel - Always Yours LP
Cremation Lily - In England Now, Underwater
Cremation Lily
In England Now, Underwater
LP|18,99 €
Sold out
Cremation Lily - In England Now, Underwater LP
Denzel Curry - TA1300
Denzel Curry
LP|31,99 €
Denzel Curry - TA1300 LP
DJ Raph - Sacred Groves
DJ Raph
Sacred Groves
LP|15,29 € 17,99 € -15%
Sold out
DJ Raph - Sacred Groves LP
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End-of-year vinyl review – the best records of 2018

What are the best records of 2018? It’s a tricky question, and yet, all music enthusiasts probably ask themselves this question at the end of each year. Of course, we do, too. And even though we limited our judgement to vinyl releases only, it’s still quite a mess. After all, there are 2.000 releases every month, which is why we needed some help to make this decision. So we have asked artists, partners, readers, experienced journalists and also our employees: »Which were the best vinyl records in 2018?« The results were cast into the following charts.

What was on your turntable?

For three years, we have been asking producers, DJs, MCs, label owners and collectors about their favorite vinyl records of the year. The results can be seen in our Artists & Partner Charts. This year, we’ve collected favorites by almost 100 people, amongst them many Hip Hop related artists such as Marco Polo, Kutmah, L’Orange, Glad2Mecha or Penpals. Or from the guild of electronic music: Helena Hauff, Efdemin, Gudrun Gut, Dense+Pika or Anja Schneider. But we also asked some label owners to participate from record labels like Strut, Mr Bongo, Money $ex Records, Delsin, Knekelhuis, Malka Tuti, or Macadam Mambo.

Professional Top Lists

The members of our HHV magazine team have a well-trained eye on the latest releases, considering that it’s their daily job to sort and arrange music. When our authors and editors choose their 50 records and 50 reissues, their 20 12inches and 20 Compilations of the year, we don’t just find the releases that everyone can agree on. Instead, these top lists are always good for a few discoveries. It’s music that might have passed you by unnoticed.

Spin Around Like A Record, Baby

But you haven’t seen it all, yet. You can also explore the music that our staff listens to: the Staff Picks 2018 give you a good idea about the diversity of our tastes. In addition, Most Sold Records 2018 shows you the best-selling records through our HHV web-shop. The User’s Rating Charts 2018 offer a summary of what our HHV mag-readers liked best. And if you sign up for the HHV Online Mag, you can even still influence the final results. Either way – we wish you lots of fun browsing and exploring!

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