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Item Description
Der AT-VM95EN besitzt eine nackte,
elliptische Diamantnadel mit Rundschaft,
die aus einem Stück geschliffen und
direkt in den Nadelträger eingesetzt
wird. Auf diese Weise lässt sich ein
leichteres, steiferes Übertragungssystem
realisieren als mit einer gefassten
Diamantnadel mit Titan-Rundschaft wie
beim AT-VM95E. Die nackte
Diamantnadel ist zwar um einiges
kostspieliger, bietet aber auch eine
hörbar bessere Audioqualität mit
besonders hoher Klangtreue bei der
Höhenwiedergabe und hervorragendem

• Ausgangsspannung 3,5 mV
• Gehäuse kompatibel mit allen Abtastnadeln der Serie VM95
• Frequenzgang 20 bis 23.000 Hz

The AT-VM95EN, features a Nude Elliptical Diamond. The construction of the stylus being a one piece diamond with a round shank inserted in the cantilever creates a lighter and more rigid transmission system than a diamond tip bonded on a round titanium shank such as in the AT-VM95E. Also the use of nude diamond implies a substantial difference in pricing, yet the quality of the reproduction will be immediately noticed, specifically in the fidelity of high frequencies and in the quality of the transient responses.

Aluminium cantilever
3.5mV output voltage
Compatible body with all VM95 Series stylus assemblies
20 to 23,000Hz frequency response

Every cartridge diamond stylus becomes worn after a period of play.

Around 500 hours for a conical stylus, 300 hours for an Elliptical stylus, 1000 hours for a Microlinear stylus, and 800 hours for a Shibata stylus.

Our VM95 Series dual moving magnet cartridges can be used almost forever by replacing the interchangeable stylus. It is no longer necessary to purchase a complete cartridge when your diamond is worn out, you can simply buy the matching replacement stylus, but also enjoy the experience of upgrading your cartridge with a different stylus.

The six models of VM95 Series cartridges all use the same electromagnetic engine-body, therefore each of the six replacement styli are perfectly compatible.

The electromagnetic engine-body of XP-Series, is fully compatible with all replacement styli of VM95 Series and will deliver more output voltage than VM95 Series cartridge. So providing improved compatibility with phono inputs of Professional DJ Mixers.
VM95 Series electromagnetic engine-body is also compatible with the three replacement styli of the DJ cartridge AT-XP Series, nevertheless, the electromagnetic engine-body of XP-Series, will deliver more output voltage than VM95 Series cartridge in order to provide better compatibility with phono inputs of Professional DJ Mixers.
Note that typical tracking force when using XP Series styli is three grams as opposed to two grams for VM95 Series styli.
The suspension design and compliance of XP-Series styli have been optimized for intensive DJ’ing, including possible manual cueing and back-cueing.
The VM95 Series suspension design and compliances of VM95 Series have been designed for optimum audiophile reproduction.

Elliptical diamond stylus follows the groove modulation with greater precision compared to a conical stylus, offering improved frequency and phase responses whilst reducing distortion.

VM95 Series cartridges features two M2.6 threaded inserts allowing the installation of the cartridge onto tonearm or removable headshell without the use of nuts.Each cartridge is provided with one pair of 8mm M2.6 screws, one pair of 11mm M2.6 screws and two plastic washers.

Model AT-VM95EN
Typ VM Stereo Dual Magnet
Befestigung 1/2” centres
Frequenzbereich 20 - 23,000 Hz
Kanaltrennung 22 dB (1 kHz)
Kanalbalance am Ausgang 2.0 dB (1 kHz)
Ausgangsleistung 3.5 mV (at 1 kHz, 5 cm/sec)
Vertikaler Abtastwinkel 23°
Vertikaler Auflagekraftbereich 1.8 - 2.2g (standard 2.0 g)
Nadelschliff Elliptical
Nadelabmessungen 0.3 x 0.7 mil
Schaftform der Nadel Nude Round Shank
Nadelträger Aluminium Pipe
Spulenimpedanz 3.3 kΩ (1 kHz)
Spuleninduktivität 550 mH (1 kHz)
DC Widerstand 485 Ω
Statische Nadelnachgiebigkeit 20 x 10 – 6 cm / dyne
Dynamische Nadelnachgiebigkeit 7 x 10 – 6 cm / dyne (100 Hz)
Spulendraht T.P. Copper
Empfohlene Lastimpedanz 47,000 Ω
Empfohlene Lastkapazität 100-200 pF
Gewicht 6.1g
Abmessungen 17.2 x 18.9 x 28.3 ( H x W x D mm)
Ersatznadel AT-VMN95EN
Beiliegendes Zubehör Two 11 mm installation screws;
Two 8 mm installation screws;
Two washers
Non-magnetic screwdriver
Item Details
Item No: 622528
Manufacturer: Audio-Technica
Item: AT-VM95EN
Color: Orange
Category: DJ Equipment, Cartridges & Styluses, Cartridges
Available since: 2019-01-23
Format: 1 Piece
Price: 119,00 €
Weight: 500g (plus 250g Packaging)
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