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TIBSLC - Hypertranslucent Clear Vinyl Edition
Hypertranslucent Clear Vinyl Edition
LP | 2022 | EU | Original (Sferic)
17,39 €* 28,99 € -40%
Release: 2022 / EU – Original
Genre: Electronic & Dance
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sferic venture a new set of plasmic ambient entertainment systems by Jonas Wiese’s Tibslc, mining that slender but heady sweetspot between the earliest Vladislav Delay productions for Chain Reaction, Japanese environmental x architectural recordings and the sort of gear you’d hear from Move D & Jonas Grossmann at the late 90’s Source Recordings heyday. sferic pick up the mantle of late ‘90s-into-‘00s ambient with a new variant primed for the times. Following the themes of their ‘Decisive Tongue Shifts - Situation Based Compositions’ album of 2021, Tibslc (The International Billionaire’s Secret Love Child) distills their sferic debut into a crystal clear, hypersensitive set of eight tracks that slip seamlessly into each other’s space, recalling the amorphous end of Jan Jelinek’s ambient shimmers. Where Tibslc’s first album sprawled over two discs, this one relates to the same recording sessions, but glimpsed via more succinct windows of opportunity. In effect they’re like Hitchcockian, voyeurist snapshots of other lives in the urban complex woven into a melting emulation of the city at dusk, replete with infrasonic bass from streets below, and streaked with the wistful dream energy and fizzy optimism of a certain city life. In fleeting rounds of ephemeral shrapnel and synth pad washes, the eight parts evoke a sense of mental discombobulation, lending itself to ruminating on the unbearable lightness of being. Lovers of graphic sound craft, and that turn-of-the-century Ambient signature, this one’s for you.
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