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For music buffs, identifying with bands and their members, as well as reminiscing about legendary shows and tours is simply part of the passion for the topic. Therefore, our online shop offers fans not only records, but also a whole bunch of band merchandise from their favourite artists. Amongst other things, we carry band t-shirts from hip hop groups, rock and pop acts plus merchandise products from selected labels such as Stones Throw, Delicious Vinyl, Blue Note, Sub Pop, Bpitch Control and Project: Mooncircle. Whether for everyday life or the next festival visit: we have the right band merchandise on offer.

Musical fashion statements: band t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies

Band t-shirts are a central part of a passionate music fan’s wardrobe. They let the rest of the world know which scene they belong to, and what acts top their favorites list. Whether it’s Wu-Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest, Miles Davis, Suicidal Tendencies or Deadmau5 – in the merchandise shop music fans can find t-shirts from a wide variety of genres such as hip hop, rock and pop, jazz, funk and soul, reggae and electronic. Scattered among the band t-shirts, we also have an assortment of tour t-shirts. While on the former you mostly see large scale prints of the band or their logo, the latter often show the respective tour dates, which make them real collectors’ items. Aside from t-shirts, our merchandise shop also offers other tops such as sweaters and hoodies.

It’s all on your head: merchandise headwear from bands and labels

The range of band merchandise at not only encompasses an abundance of tops but also a range of headwear to complete the outfit. You can choose from fitted caps, snapback caps, beanies and bandanas, which express affinity with artists, bands or labels through elaborately embroidered logos or imprinted motifs. As stylish accessories with a musical message, they are the right option for anyone who wants to round off their look, and cut a stylish figure during summer festival season and also in the winter months.

Practical merchandise: tote bags and gym bags

One of the most popular merchandise items of the last few years is the practical tote bag with a graphic print of the favourite band or label. These light fabric bags are perfectly sized for vinyl LPs so that they not only provide enough storage space for vinyl pickups, but also for all the things necessary while on the go. And, what is more, you can wear them on almost every occasion. Something similar applies to gym bags, which can increasingly be seen on the streets nowadays. These allround accessories are the perfect companion for day-to-day errands – musical statement included.