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Music Sale

Our music sale offers cheap vinyl records and CDs from a variety of music genres including hip hop, jazz, funk and soul, rock or the entire electronic music spectrum from house through techno up to drum & bass. The range holds remnants from the general program as well as second-hand specials, rarities and other collector’s items.

Low Price Vinyl – Black gold for little money

Those looking for cheap records will love our vinyl sale. It includes special underground material as well as cheap vinyl records from the limited edition segment. Naturally, this also comprises all formats such as 7 inch, 12 inch through to the picture disc. Thus, our vinyl sale provides copious opportunities to buy vinyl at reduced rates. Low price vinyl galore.

Cheap CDs – Special offers on silver discs

Aside from cheap vinyl records, also CDs from labels like Def Jam or Motown and global players such as Universal, Atlantic, Interscope and Jive can be purchased for little money at our music sale.