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Dust & Grooves:
Adventures In
Record Collecting
by Eilon Paz.
This illustrated book gives a unique insight into some
of the world's most fascinating record collections.
by Eilon Paz. This illustrated book gives a unique insight into some of the world's most fascinating record collections.

Print & Design

Although the internet has become an important source of information about bands, releases and tours, print media are still must-haves for the true music fan. Especially when it comes to founding histories, career histories and other background stories, you still can’t do without some in-depth reading of music magazines and music books. HHV meets these needs through a wide range of reading material that keeps music lovers fully informed at all times. We also offer art, design and fashion enthusiasts the relevant literature to help keep them up to date on all the events and happenings in the respective subcultures. Our large selection of music magazines and books, art magazines, illustrated books, etc. is supplemented by design and decorative items such as posters, markers and stickers.

News from pop and subculture: Music magazines, graffiti magazines and more

At HHV, music enthusiasts can find everything their hearts desire. This includes a wide range of renowned music magazines, especially magazines such as WaxPoetics or FADER, Complex, XXL or Mixmag. Music magazines present the main topics from the music scene and pop culture in a well-informed and entertaining way. Here you will find the latest news, interesting background info or insightful interviews with top artists from various genres. Art lovers and followers of subculture can also get the relevant print titles at HHV, in order to keep up to date on the latest trends, exhibitions and events – from art magazines to graffiti magazines through to sneaker magazines.

Reading material for music fans and art lovers: Books and illustrated volumes

In addition to the latest music and art magazines, our online shop also offers a wide range of books on various topics. Music books give you a comprehensive insight into the stories of how bands and labels were founded or the careers of great musicians. Lovers of street art or contemporary art will get more than their money’s worth from our art and graffiti books. Whether it’s a matter of the world’s best writings, street art by Banksy & Co. or other hip art movements: these books provide loads of reading pleasure and offer a feast of unique imagery for the eyes.

Feed your own creative urge: Design and decorative material

Those who like to get creative themselves will find various design and decorative items to choose from in our online shop: Get your favorite act or contemporary art onto walls and doors with our cool posters. High quality markers by Krink or On The Run make tags and artwork look particularly impressive. Band, music label and fashion brand stickers are versatile and ideal to give away as a present. As an eye catcher on shirts, sweaters or jackets, patches from artists or labels can help you express your own musical passions.

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