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Mishka - Slipmat

Slipmat (Keep Watch)

Item No: 289513
17,99 €
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One Size
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Item Description
It's weird that the Mishka guys never thought to make these before. Just wait, pretty soon you're going to see Keep Watch everything. Eat a Keep Watch donut while you play Keep Watch frisbee. Collect Keep Watch pogs and listen to a Keep Watch picture disc which is just the sound of someone blinking for an hour. Mishka will make Keep Watch condoms, Keep Watch bras and Keep Watch contact lenses. They're gonna run this shit so deep into the ground that we're going to come out in China!

Nah but seriously, this was a pretty good idea. Nothing's worse than going to a place where you're supposed to DJ and their equipment's all garbage. Shitty mixer with snapped off switches and missing fader switches, turntable that run at inconsistent speeds or aren't grounded properly and either no slipmats or slipmats that are all grungy and ugly. Don't put your pristine vinyl on the fucking house mats. Bring your own and show that you're part of Mishka's little eyeball club. The image is sublimated into the soft slipmats, keeping them soft as hell. If you're a DJ who's into Mishka, you got no excuse for not getting these unless you make your own custom mats or something.
Item Details
Item No:289513
Color:Keep Watch
Price:17,99 €
Weight:500g (plus 250g Packaging)
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