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Urban Fashion Sale

The urban fashion segment is constantly in motion. Some trends go away as suddenly as they emerged. With that said, it’s a challenge to always keep the product range up to date. This is why prices drop once something is ‘over’ that was still ‘hot’ just a little while ago. In this way, we constantly provide opportunities for discovering stylish streetwear and sneakers at reasonable prices in our online outlet. The range particularly includes items from the recent past, but one can also find limited editions from the current season. This makes’s streetwear & sneaker sale a favoured hunting ground for urban fashion buffs looking for the ultimate deal.

Big names, small prices in our streetwear outlet

The choice in our streetwear sale shows that you don’t have to fork out a fortune for cool clothes. As smart shoppers know, one can dress just as well wearing denim in a slightly older wash or a hoodie from last season. These special offers are no less stylish than the designs of the latest collections. Just because attention has shifted to different looks doesn’t mean the previous ones have suddenly lost their appeal. Special deals from renowned brands such as Carhartt WIP, LRG, Wemoto or Mishka provide as good an argument for this point as the reduced items in our sneaker outlet.

Sneaker sale boasts wide range

Tons of affordable sneakers and other footwear have made the sneaker sale at a popular place for budget-friendly shoe shopping. The range is impressive: high-tops or low-cuts, various technologies and shock absorption systems, special-purpose footwear, classic or unusual colorways – our sneaker sale has it all. It features not only sneakers from adidas, New Balance and Asics but also models from Vans, Nike, or their skateboarding subdivision Nike SB. Summing up, those hunting for cheap sneakers will love our sneaker sale.